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Projectagram 3D iPhone app mockup


PrĊjectagram is a customizable photo flashlight that projects your photos on a wall.

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ixlayer enables you to easily deploy and manage remote lab testing and health diagnostics solutions. ixlayer's solution makes health testing simple.

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IX Layer 3D laptop website mockup
Landing AI 3D laptop website mockup


Landing.AI is an end-to-end AI platform specifically designed for industrial customers to build and effectively deploy AI visual inspection solutions.

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Timekit powers businesses of tomorrow with advanced scheduling. It's simple to start and offers never-ending customizability via our web app and REST API.

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TimeKit 3D laptop website mockup
Perimeter 3D laptop website mockup


A single, trusted source for real-time incident information sharing around wild fires that can help first responders to find the best information about active fires, coordinate and save lives.

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.landinglens mobile

The LandingLens tool was built with a wide array of features to help teams develop accurate ML visual solutions quickly.

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Landing Lens 3D iPhone app mockup
Keewi 3D iPhone app mockup


Keewi ensures you maximize value from your building assets.

Using the power of data from electrical plugs and outlets, we help you achieve optimal building operations and workplace planning without sacrificing functionality.

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